Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Liberal Introduction

A little introduction to me is suggested, I believe.

I am Alexander “Sasha” Chemey, and I am 17 years old currently. I grew up in a very conservative county in Northeast Indiana – the type that you see “Stars and Bars” (Confederate) flags on trucks in the parking lot of the most liberal high school of the three (this is despite the fact that the Confederate flag is now seen almost universally as a hate symbol). I now attend a residential high school for gifted and talented students from across Indiana. No, I am not some elitist rich jerk, although I am upper middle class; the state of Indiana provides for the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities in Indiana Code 20-24.5-3.
Growing up in a conservative county as a Christian with liberal parents and ideas was…interesting. I cannot count how many times people told me that, “[I] am not a Christian because [I] am a liberal.” Or how about, “You’re a liberal, so you’re going to Hell.” Or my favorite quote to hear directed at me, “You’re wrong. [I would then ask why.] You’re wrong because…*flounders for words* You’re just wrong.” On the rare occasion that political conversations went beyond this dynamic, I had some very good discussions. Sometimes I would go off on a factual limb (hypotheses are still hypotheses, and are not fact just because you say so) and would be shoved into the water; other times, my friend would do the same thing, and I would be the one doing the shoving. As a result, I learned the art of rhetoric in a practical way. I now use my knowledge in casual daily policy debates and extemporaneous speaking events. Seminars are my friends.

At any rate, I know what I believe, and I argue it as logically and creatively as I am capable. I am not so arrogant as to say that I am the best, but I am certainly good.

I now leave you to your reading, or whatever you are currently doing. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is showing soon, and I haven’t seen it yet. Have a good day!

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